23rd of November 2023


2023/11/23 10:00:00
2023/11/23 10:00:00
The Event

Embark in the event that focuses on Prevention and Safety in the maritime market!

Cedros Lda and Everlux Maritime (a brand owned by Ertecna, Lda) have been successful partners in organizing benchmark events in Prevention and Safety – Fire & Security and Health & Safety. They have now joined forces for a new partnership to organize a unique and innovative event in Portugal – the Onboard Safety Conference.

The Onboard Safety Conference is an innovative and multidisciplinary initiative that will promote the debate on the present and the future of Safety in the maritime sector, in different aspects.

Consisting of three major conferences, focused on pertinent and current topics that are in line with the National Strategy for the Seas 2021-2030, the Onboard Safety Conference will certainly contribute to the development and discussion of Prevention and Safety among professionals in this industry.

As an annual initiative, it will surely become a benchmark in Portugal and in Portuguese-speaking countries, but also in the international maritime sector, by bringing together recognized professionals in the several fields, so that they can share all their know-how with those interested in the maritime industry and, particularly, to contribute to the safety of every stakeholder in this sector.

The three conferences that comprise this important event will take place over the course of a year, the first being in November of 2023, the second in April of 2024 and the last of this first edition of the Onboard Safety Conference in November of 2024.

Chronologically, the three conferences will focus on these generic themes:

  • Shipyards;
  • Offshore Wind Farms;
  • The National Ocean Strategy 2021-2030

23rd of November 2023

Offshore Wind Farms
April 2024

The National Ocean Strategy 2021-2030
November 2024


CEDROS is a training and consultancy organization that has been operating for more than two decades. It operates in the national and international markets, both onshore and offshore. On the offshore CEDROS offers a range of products and services that meet the needs of this sector of activity, namely in the following areas: Maritime, Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind Energy. It is currently a certified training organization:

  • By the DGRM – Directorate-General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services, to provide Basic Safety training within the scope of the qualification for seafarers – STCW/78 Convention and Amendments / STCW-F/98 Convention and Decree-Law no. 166/2019, of 31 October.
  • By GWO – Global Wind Organisation, to provide training courses: Basic Safety Training, Basic Technical Training; Advanced First Aid, Advanced Rescue, Slinger Signaller.

CEDROS has the Safety Technical Training Centre, a centre for practical and technical training related to Safety at Work.

In this centre, among other activities, it is possible to carry out training in the offshore area, such as: HUET – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training; Helitransport Rescue Techniques; Rescue Swimmer; Survival at Sea.

CEDROS has acquired the know-how in the maritime/offshore industry from the several projects in which it has been involved. As one of the organizers of the Onboard Safety Conference, CEDROS main goal is to create the opportunity to share technical scientific knowledge in safety and health at work with the society and with the maritime/offshore market sector.

Everlux Maritime is part of the Ertecna, Lda group, that manufactures its products under the Sinalux and Everlux brands, internationally recognized as a benchmark for quality in photoluminescent safety signage.

Everlux Maritime is also the benchmark for quality and service in safety signage for the maritime market, with particular emphasis on the study, design, manufacture and installation of photoluminescent safety signage solutions.

Ertecna, Lda. has been on the market since 1989 and since then has been present in more than 90 countries, offering high-quality products and excellent technical and commercial customer service, with complete solutions in safety signage for the maritime market – including the onshore and offshore markets.

Everlux Maritime safety signage is the ideal choice for shipbuilders, shipowners and ship operators, meeting all the requirements demanded by IMO and other standards and legislation, guaranteeing a safe environment for crews and passengers.

Everlux Maritime has its services accredited by DNV and Everlux products are produced in compliance with international standards and laws – IMO Resolutions, SOLAS Convention and ISO standards (9001, 45001, 14001).

Its production and quality are recognized by independent certification bodies: MED Certification; Red Ensign [MER-UK Certification]) and also Lloyd’s Register Type Approval.

Globally recognized for its experience in the maritime industry, Everlux Maritime aim with the Everlux Maritime pretende, com a Onboard Safety Conference, to spread and deepen knowledge about prevention and safety at sea for all its professionals.



November 23rd 2023


Opening, registration and welcome coffee


Welcome message – Luís Coelho, CEDROS


Moderator | Gonçalo Collaço | JORNAL DA ECONOMIA DO MAR


Criteria for the installation and for the luminance conformity measurement of the Low Location Lighting (LLL) Systems, on ships”
Tiago Pedrosa | EVERLUX


The importance of crew and the passenger Safety at Mystic Cruises
Cmdt. Hugo Bastos | MYSTIC CRUISES


Lisnave – Challenges and opportunities of ship repair
in the Future of the Economy of the Sea
Luís Braga | LISNAVE


Debate, questions and answers


Coffee-break and Exhibition


The new means of the Portuguese Navy. Garrison Training and Evaluation
Captain of Sea and War Luís Ribeiro da Silva | POTUGUESE NAVY


The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code – The importance of its knowledge in the economy activity of the sea


Debate, questions and answers


Lunch & Exhibition


Moderator | Luís Coelho | CEDROS


The decarbonization of maritime transport and the challenges for safety in ship repair
João Calado | LISNAVE


Construction Safety


The importance of Certifying the Conformity of Products, Services and Suppliers in the Safety of Crews, Passengers and Vessels.
Paulo Viana | DNV – Det Norske Veritas


The first response to a spill, equipment and procedures required in shipyards, marinas and small ports. 


Debate, questions and answers


Conclusion and Thank You message


Guided visit at the “Safety Technical Training Center”




The venue

The Onboard Safety Conference will take place at the CEDROS Safety Technical Training Center auditorium, a centre for practical and technical training related to Safety at Work applied to the maritime / offshore industry, among others.

The Safety Technical Training Center is equipped with various technical training areas and real work simulators, which participants will have the opportunity to visit during the event.

At Safety Technical Training Center there are various training areas: Offshore/Marine; Wind Energy, Fire Fighting, Confined Spaces, Working at Heights; TET Park – Working in Tension. Due to its specific characteristics, this centre also allows for leadership and teambuilding training, with group dynamics in creative and innovative scenarios.

There are also two exhibition spaces:

CEDROS exhibition: certified collective and individual protection equipment aimed at the maritime/offshore context;

Everlux exhibition: complete and certified safety signage solutions for the maritime market.

How to get to the venue?

Rua Vale de Craveiros N.º 15 CCI 8807

2950-731 – Quinta do Anjo, Palmela – Portugal


GPS 38° 34′ 43″ N 8° 56′ 22″ O

Where to park?

CEDRO’s facilities have a private parking with 38 free parking spots for the attendees. Additionally, outside of the facilities, there is also free parking.

Where to stay?

Novotel Setúbal **** (Partner) R. Alexandre O’Neill N° 374 2910-509 Setúbal 30km | 39 min by car

All of the reservations must be requested to the following email address: h1557@accor.com with the subject: Onboard Safety Conference.

Pousada Castelo Palmela **** Castelo de Palmela 2950-317 Palmela 5km | 10 min by car


Diana Baptista – Everlux
Mobile (+351) 969 008 504
Telephone (+351) 233 407 419

Sandra Castanheira – CEDROS Tlm (+351) 936 862 275  Tlf (+351) 210 868 855